Reporting from both sides, a TEDxJohannesburg talk by TO Molefe

Read: Larry Fink's 2016 Corporate Governance Letter to CEOs [pdf]
Read: New generation falls victim to “dop” system
Read: The mining industry, migrant labour and hostels
Read: Acid Mine Drainage in Johannesburg
Read: Nike workers ‘kicked, slapped and verbally abused’ at factories making Converse
Read: BP pleads guilty for crimes surrounding the Deepwater Horizon incident
Read: Mass suicide protest at Apple manufacturer Foxconn factory
"A market economy based on private property, if left to itself, contains powerful forces of convergence, associated in particular with the diffusion of knowledge and skills; but it also contains powerful forces of divergence, which are potentially threatening to democratic societies and to the values of social justice on which they are based." — Thomas Piketty
Adapted from Kerryn Krige's "The future is social enterprise", her talk at the 2016 TEDxJohannsburg salon on social enterprise
  1. Socioeconomic rights
  • Do the owners and management of the social enterprise put themselves at risk and stand in solidarity in the streets with the communities they serve when corporations and the state conspire to silence dissent and protest against injustice and inequality?
Read: Tackling language and exclusion at Stellenbosch University, by the Open Stellenbosch Collective
  • Does the social enterprise working on, for example, the right to education see and respond to the dangers in the corporatisation and privatisation of this human right?
  • Have the owners and management of the social enterprise considered and responded in some way to what of the tangible and intangible wealth they inherited from their parents were the fruits of unjust social systems?
  • Does the social enterprise bring the community it serves on board as equitable partners with a fair, equal and democratic say in its decisions and operations?
Read: The white-saviour industrial complex, by Teju Cole
  • Does the social enterprise, in its work, do its part to attempt to redistribute the ownership of capital in our society more equitably?
Read: Wealth inequality — striking new insights from tax data, by Anna Orthofer
  • Do the social enterprise’s own workers earn a living wage, and enjoy freedom, equity, security and dignity at work?
  • Does the social enterprise agitate for this — a living wage, and freedom, equity, security and dignity at work — in the other organisations it works with?
Read: South Africa’s 5 million working poor, by Gilad Isaacs
  • Does the social enterprise consider and respond to the adverse environmental impacts of its own work, and the tensions that exist between human development on one hand, and the sanctity of the environment on the other?
  • Does it agitate, in its work, that others do the same?
Read: No ”Plan B” for climate action as there is no ”Planet B"
Read (with caution): What do we mean when we speak of ubuntu?, by Thaddeus Metz
"I'm getting eaten up down here / I'm just not built like them / the big fish have a monopoly / the little fish get buried in the sand" — Amel Larrieux




Editor, writer, CA(SA), social policy nerd

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T.O. Molefe

T.O. Molefe

Editor, writer, CA(SA), social policy nerd

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